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Wednesday 15th May

Dear Diary,

I think I hate the internet. Right now I can't seem to figure out how to add a new blog

post to this page. Am I meant to add a brand new page? I don't know. I just wanted to write another entry above the previous entry.

So the weekend was fun. I had 8 players here and an MC from Melbourne for an Improv and Theatre Sports night at St Ives Hotel in Wodonga. Bloody Wodonga... I don't know what it is with this town because its looking like the second venue to fall down on that side of the river. It hasn't yet (there are two shows scheduled there between now and the end of July), but I don't know if its to do with the fact there is essentially no night time economy in Wodonga or its the location that is inconvenient?

Maybe its both?

Anyway, so I had wrote a big frustrated post on LinkedIn about it. I often post there about upcoming shows with very little engagement (maybe one or two likes, zero comments and maybe 80-200 views). Its fine and unsurprising as LinkedIn is primarily used for thought leading "inspo wank" and professional signalling - so no one is really interested in your business. I post show info there though because I've used LinkedIn professionally since I was in my undergrad and its another channel that's available to me. Anyway, here's how Sunday's post panned out:


Annoyed LinkedIn Post

Look at those numbers. 4744 views of me losing my shit. Claps and comments? What the fuck just happened?

Well anyway, whatever compelled people to engage its got me realising that I don't have to feel like I'm taking crazy pills when producing in Wodonga. A lot of solidarity comments which is nice and some useful I can help you people came out of the woodwork.

I give this process 2 out of 5 Deads - just for the stress and annoyance.

Skull and Cross
Skull and Cross

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