Living in the country you often get used to missing out on things. If you are political you will know the often cited health and education inequity, but what about the artistic and cultural inequity?

Average respondent:

"Whats that Arts? Oh, you mean artists who do paintings and local productions of Broadway musicals?"

"Oh yeah, we have battle of the bands!"


While I can't build hospitals and universities (and frankly that's not my responsibility), I can do my best to grow a comedy scene outside of the hubs of Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. I'll be damned if we're going to miss out on a good time because lets face it, comedy is a gateway drug to the arts

The who, what, where, when and whys...

Forgive me, I know the page says "About Us" but really its just me. My name is Jade Fitzgerald and I'm a comedian who commenced stand up on the border and against everyone's advice REMAINED on the border.

I created Kiss My Artz Productions with the aim of:

  • Bringing quality comedians and solo shows to the region.
  • Growing and supporting established local and emerging talent.
  • Developing a strong comedy scene and community in the Border and North East.

I will be honest, I didn't purely create this because of my "love" of regional living. I created Kiss My Artz and Off The Rails Comedy out of necessity as I couldn't keep travelling to the cities to perform. If I could have easily moved I would have. JUST. LIKE. SO. MANY. IN. THE. ARTS. WHO. HAVE. BEFORE. ME. FROM. HERE. I'm a stubborn sort though, and I needed to give this a go before giving up and moving.

Its been almost two years since I ran my first comedy night on the border. I'm glad I stuck around. Its been a blast so far and I can't wait to see the scene grow in the years to come.


Meet the Team

 There is no I in team, unless you're a freelancer.

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Jade Fitzgerald

Executive Director and Producer

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Jade Fitzgerald

Director Marketing and Communications

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Jade Fitzgerald

Director Finance and Accounting

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